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Mixed board
18,00 €
Iberian Ham - Campo Cebo
12,00 €
Goat cheese
5,00 €
Trenched beef rib steak
15,00 €
Baïgory trout gravlax
11,00 €
crustaceans, peanuts, fish, nuts, mustard, sesame
Samoussas with vegetables
6,50 €
gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, soy, milk, shell fruit, celery, mustard, sesame
Crispy breaded chicken
8,00 €
gluten, eggs, soy, milk, shell fruit, celery, mustard
Camembert roasted with thyme
10,00 €
gluten, milk


Camembert roasted with thyme
12,50 €
Camembert, olive oil with thyme, toast
ALLERGENS: gluten, milk
Egg 64 ° C to chanterelles
14,00 €
Perfect, creamy egg of chanterelles
ALLERGENS: Eggs, milk
Baïgory trout gravlax
13,50 €
Warmized salmon trout, Wasabi ice balls, beet sorbet
ALLERGENS: eggs, fish, soy, milk, shell fruit, sesame
Oysters (6 pieces)
12,00 €
ALLERGENS: mollusc
Foie gras
19,00 €
Foie gras, pear and vanilla chutney and its toast
Wanded oysters grilled with live x6
16,00 €
Oysters, shallots, parsley, clarified butter, breadcrumbs
ALLERGENS: gluten, crustaceans, milk


Beef steak
26,00 €
Butter with mustard seeds, Bearn butter or candied shallot, fries & green salad
Rack of lamb
28,00 €
Square of lamb, pan -fried potatoes grenailles and green beans, carrots and gourmet peas
Duck breast and its risotto with chanterelles
28,50 €
Duck breast, risotto with chanterelles, crunchy seasonal vegetables, reduction in honey and death trumpets
Tartiflette with green salad
20,00 €
Potato, onions, bacon, farmer's nectaire, cebo ham, cream
ALLERGENS: gluten, milk
Old -fashioned veal cassolette NEW
34,00 €
Sweetbread, forest sauce, crushed potatoes
ALLERGENS: Milk, shell fruits
Andouillette AAAAA
20,00 €
Old-style mustard
ALLERGENS: Milk, shell fruits
Veal liver NEW
19,50 €
Deglazed in vinegar, parsley and crushed potatoes, gourmet peas, carrots top
Classic beef tartare
19,50 €
Mustard, ketchup, capers, pickles, shallots, egg yolk
ALLERGENS: gluten, eggs, soy, milk, mustard
Italian beef tartare
20,00 €
Pesto verde, parmesan, pine nuts
ALLERGENS: Milk, shell fruits
Thai beef tartare
20,00 €
White onions, lemongrass, ginger, sesame seeds, coriande, reduction of soy sauce
ALLERGENS: Soy, sesame
Double beef carpaccio
21,00 €
Pesto Verde, Parmesan, pine nuts, fries bowl
ALLERGENS: Crustaceans, fish, milk, shell fruit
The South West Burger
23,50 €
Chopped steak (180g French meat), sheep, snack foie gras, candied onions, salad, homemade sauce
ALLERGENS: gluten, crustaceans, eggs, peanuts, fish, soy, milk, shell fruit, mustard, sesame, molluscs
Supreme chicken and its tarragon cream NEW
22,00 €
Supreme chicken, tarragon cream, crushed potatoes, lap carrots, gourmet peas.
ALLERGENS: milk, celery


Creamy risotto of Girolles at St Jacques Possible in vegetarian
25,00 €
Risotto, Girolles Cream, St Jacques, Serrano tile, White butter with garlic
ALLERGENS: gluten, crustaceans, peanuts, milk, mustard, molluscs
Plancha turbot paving stone
28,00 €
Turbot, crushed potatoes, crunchy tops, gourmet pea, virgin sauce
ALLERGENS: Fish, milk
Skinny NEW
23,00 €
Small, crushed potatoes, carrots crunchy tops, gourmet peas, virgin sauce
ALLERGENS: Fish, milk
American -in
20,00 €
Gatches, American tomato sauce, pilaf rice
ALLERGENS: peanuts, molluscs

Salads & Vegetarian

Camembert roasted with thyme
19,00 €
Camembert, Serrano ham, thyme olive oil, toasted bread, green salad
ALLERGENS: gluten, milk
Creamy risotto with chanterelles
20,00 €
Risotto, cream of chanterelles, white butter with garlic
ALLERGENS: gluten, crustaceans, peanuts, milk, mustard, molluscs
Cesar salad
18,50 €
Salad, breaded chicken, bacon, parmesan, croutons, cherry tomatoes, 64 ° C egg, Caesar sauce
ALLERGENS: gluten, eggs, mustard, sulfites
Children's menu (up to 12 years old)
10,00 €
Chicken, fish & chips or chopped steak (+€ 2) - fries
Ice scoop or brownie
Soda, syrup or fruit juice


Cheese plate
7,00 €
ALLERGENS: Milk, shell fruits
Crème brulée
7,00 €
Icy Montélimar
9,00 €
Nougat cream, nougatine, red fruit coulis
ALLERGENS: Eggs, milk
Chestnut NEW
7,50 €
Chestnut cream, ginger insert, crumble
ALLERGENS: gluten, milk
9,50 €
Rum pastry cream, puff pastry
ALLERGENS: Eggs, milk
Take advantage of the southwest
8,50 €
Cannelés, craft ice cream with salted caramel, caramel
ALLERGENS: gluten, eggs, shellfish
All cookie NEW
9,00 €
Home cookie, cookie creamy, cookie crumble
ALLERGENS: Eggs, milk, shellfish
Gourmet coffee
9,00 €
Assortment of desserts of the moment
ALLERGENS: gluten, eggs, milk
Craft scoop
2,50 €
Chocolate - Vanilla - Coffee - Strawberry (Sorbet) - Lime (Sorbet) - Caramel -
ALLERGENS: gluten, eggs, milk, shell fruit
Liège coffee or chocolate
6,00 €
Homemade Homemade Coffee Coffee or Chocolate Hot, Ice Coffee or Chocolate Glars
ALLERGENS: gluten, eggs, soy, milk, shell fruit
Puy Havana
12,00 €
Speculoos, chocolate mousse, praline cigarette insert
ALLERGENS: gluten, eggs, milk, shell fruit